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About Us

In 2020, we launched the OrganizingTogether Platform on Mighty Networks. 

Network Membership includes all the online community features you’d expect: content and a dynamic activity feed; member profiles; conversations and comments; sharing to social media; topics and articles; polls, questions, and posts; events; and direct messaging between members.

In addition to these interactive networking features, members also gain access to exclusive content including resource lists, articles, podcast, thought provoking questions, and feedback from our expert consultants. 


OrganizingTogether (OT) Consultancy Group is a uniquely designed organizational development and research collective founded on the principles of experiential learning and participatory decision-making. Our mission is to help organizations scale collaborative capacity building. 

OT-Consultants specialize in organizational management, grant writing and management, technical development, decision support tools, participatory facilitation, mediation and negotiation, website design and branding, empirical research design, and computer science.

Our Team

Charla M. Burnett
Co-Founder and CEO
Strategic Planning, Community Engagement, Technology Specialist

Michael J. Cole
Co-Founder and COO
Capacity Building, Development and 
Design Specialist

Nazir Farsakh 
Consultant and Instructor
Leadership, Mediation, Negotiation and Strategic Storytelling Specialist

Jeff Spangler
Grant Research,
Community Organizing,
Political Activism
and Field Strategy

Kate Vanhorn
Development, Sales, 
Team Culture, 
Visioning & Strategic Planning

Why You Should Join?

OT-Consultancy Group is focused on strengthening organizational processes through capacity building and technology. To do this, we have designed a platform for organizations looking to use evidence-based research models and systems that will help scale operations. 

Our desktop and mobile platform offers a space for you to connect with other organizations, share tips and resources, and get access to expert knowledge through webinars, workshops, and courses. OrganizingTogether Members receive 50% off courses, templates, select services, and much more!

Become an Instructor!

Are you tired of traveling long distances as a consultant and are worried about your environmental impact? Do you have knowledge in marketing or project management? Do you want to help organizations scale? Become an OT-Consultant today! You can use OrganizingTogether Network to reach your clients all over the world. You can use OT-Consultancy Group materials and strategies to strengthen your community locally. 

To apply, email with your cover letter and resume, and tell us why you want to work with OT-Consultancy Group!

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